In the studio of Anagram Architects

Delhi based architecture firm Anagram Architects made the most of the limitations afforded by a basement studio space

A basement space is always challenged for ventilation and natural lighting, two things that Anagram Architects wanted the most of, when they were moving into a new office space a few years ago. The growing size of the team necessitated the move, and Madhav Raman, principal architect at Anagram says it presented them with an opportunity to test the versatility of their studio.

To begin with, better ventilation and natural light was enabled through a continuous shaded light well, created along the periphery of the studio. The entrance space was looked at as the public face, it also provided sufficient light to the reception area, removing the need for artificial lighting.

Lime green steps made of re-purposed wood help visitors into the studio. It also functions as an informal space for impromptu meetings and lectures.  The studio juggles between using light wooden tones, whites and lime greens, and this choice helps neuter the perceived size of storage and furniture volumes. Lime green features prominently through the entire studio space as highlights. 

A large mural of a mechanistic ant titled “Ant-1” by artist Anpu Varkey features along the back wall. It symbolises the nature of collective intelligence and shared work that is a characteristic of the ant, drawing a parallel with the collaborative working culture of an architecture firm.  



THE instagram STUDIO