8 cool board games for some indoor summer fun

Make your summer afternoons more exciting with these board games that will make siblings quarrel and tear families, friends and couples apart – of course, all in good fun!

Monopoly: Game of Thrones

Remember losing to your elder sibling who’d hog all the best cities and public services and then constantly charge exorbitant rent, crushing you during a game of Monopoly? Although, this is one of the classics—one we can never tire of—we are super excited about the recently released Game of Thrones version. Imagine trading properties using tokens that are adapted from the sigils of the great houses of Westeros. Not a GoT fan? Then just wait for the Monopoly for Millennials version to launch in India. Though this version has been severely trolled for its assumptions of what millennials prefer, the truth is—just as the box reads—that when it comes to real estate, we really can’t afford it anyway.

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Grab on to a dictionary like a weapon (not literally) and get ready to battle it out on this evergreen ‘board’ ground. While there are several online versions to play with friends, nothing beats the board version, whether you have one or four for company. Our favourite is the deluxe vintage edition by US-based WS Game Company; its classic appeal comes from a rotating game board. When it comes to playing, the best trick is to memorise as many two-letter words as possible and utilise the ‘triple word’ squares to beat even the toughest competitors. Get an objective math genius to play umpire and total up the scores rather than getting into an argument with the other players.

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There is nothing that comes close to chess when you want an exhilarating battle of the mind. Believed to have been invented in India over 2,000 years ago, this intellectual, forward-thinking game hones concentration and critical thinking, as it exercises both hemispheres of the brain (how’s that for chess-speak). Chess aficionados everywhere will love Mumbai-based venture Square Off’s creation. Building on telerobotics and artificial intelligence, the young team created a futuristic digital chess set. It can analyse your games, offer a variety of challenge settings, connect you with players around the world—and even move the chess pieces for you!

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If there is one game that can take us down memory lane, it is this one - long afternoons of our summer vacations spent giggling and fighting over this game. One of the shortest, simplest board games out there, all you have to do is pick a colour of your choice and ensure that each of your four pawns journeys across the board safely without being killed and sent back to the starting point by your opponents’ pawns. Play by the rules prescribed or create your own (double and triple the pawns, perhaps), this game is the ultimate way to ‘kill’ the competition. The simplistic design comes in many versions—our top choices, however, are a wooden set by Pachisi and ludo-inspired bed sheets that come with tokens as well as dice.

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Ticket to Ride

Love travel (who doesn’t?) and trains but haven’t booked your summer holiday tickets yet? This game is the one for you then. While the game play is a little more complicated than similar classics like ‘Life’, it involves an arduous but rewarding journey from one north American city to another. It’s not for the complicated rules of choosing a railway route while keeping your cards a secret, but for the competitive attitude it breeds that won the game several top awards.

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Code names

While this doesn’t really need a board, it is a complicated but invigorating game. Divide the players into two teams: red and blue; each of which need to pick a ‘code master’ from each team. Lay down 25-word cards in a 5x5 grid in random order, and hand over a randomly selected map card that marks out which words in the grid need to be guessed by each team, and the sole card that must definitely not be guessed by either. It may seem simple that the team must guess the cards corresponding to their colour based on the verbal hint that code masters give them. It isn’t. And if you have a cheater playing for the opposition, good luck!

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Let your inner Picasso or Husain surface. If you don’t, then you’ll end up making this game far, far more fun, since players need to draw to win in this game. Divide yourself up in pairs or teams of at least two, roll the dice to move paces forward, pick a card and find the word corresponding to the colour of the box your pawn is on—and then, draw like your life depends on it within the stipulated time. The game becomes more exciting when a team’s pawn reaches the ‘all-play’ box and all teams must feverishly draw the clue to get their team to be the first ones to guess correctly.

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The Settlers of Catan

It took 20 years for this multi-player game to settle comfortably in the homes of millions of gaming enthusiasts around the world. Released in 1995, the purpose of the players or ‘settlers’ is to establish colonies on the island of Catan. From building settlements, cities and roads to connecting them on this hexagonally designed board, each settler’s decision is based on the result of rolling two dice. Making the game interesting is an anti-social element in the shape of a robber, who, only on rolling a total of seven, may be moved in or out of a territory.

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Written By: Anamika Butalia

Contributing Writer

11 April 2019

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