3 personalised gifting havens

If you, like us, are stumped when it comes to giving gifts to others, these personalised gifting havens promise to make your life easier 

Frankly, the chocolate box and flowers routine is tried, tested and tired. If you’re trying to get into somebody’s good books or want to make someone feel special, you must think about that extra touch. Thankfully, you don’t have to get yourself into a twist for this. These personalised gifting services will do the hard work for you by putting together thoughtfully selected items and even shipping it in a fancy package with bows and flowers to boot.

1.    The Style Salad
Forgot a birthday or an anniversary? The curated gift boxes by this Chennai based venture will sort you right out. With top of the line products ranging from stationery and cosmetics to edibles and novel beverages, the contents will guarantee you instant forgiveness. You can pick from their pre-made options or even make a combination of your own.

2.    The Luxe Box
Whether you’re gifting for an occasion or just to surprise your loved one, the thoughtfully put together gifts at The Luxe Box have your back. Each box is meticulously packed and decorated with care. What’s more, the Mumbai based label also has a special floral box incorporating products such as perfume associated with the recipient's favourite flower to create a special scent box.

3.    No. 3 Clive Road
Spreading love for tea are the offerings from No. 3 Clive Road. Based in New Delhi, the brand offers various options of premium, hand-crafted tea, bespoke accessories, letter-pressed stationery and scented candles. You can opt for either a combination of products in your box or only a mix of different tea blends.


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4 April 2018
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