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Products we love: 5 dhurries that will floor you

Be inspired by our selection of handpicked dhurries and find one that suits your décor style

Dhurries add a cosy touch to your décor. We have handpicked five colourful dhurries that we love across different décor styles. If you, like most people, don’t understand the difference between a rug, a dhurrie and a carpet, read this story to know the distinction. 






Jute Woven Dhurrie from Fabindia, Rs 1190





Enarya Dhurrie from Idam, Rs 3600





Bloom Multicolored Embroidered Cotton Canvas Dhurrie from Jaypore, Rs 9900







Hand  Woven Navajo Style from, Rs 13500







Striper Rug from Freedom Tree, Rs 3400

Written By: Nidhi Tiwari


19 January 2017


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