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Material magic: Wood and Suede

It’s a perfect match – soft suede meets rugged wood. Pair them together to create a warm, luxurious setting

IN THE PICTURE, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, Suede Laser Cut Curtain from Dimora Furnishings, Rs 1800; Lantern Big,
Rs 3105, Small, Rs 2465, both from Contemporary Arts and Crafts; ON THE WALL Burma Teak 2338 SF Laminate from Local Hardware Store, Rs 2000; Chloe Bench from Iqrup and Ritz, Rs 22975 ON THE BENCH Table Lamp from Tresorie,
Rs 4950; Super Family Bowl Natural from Freedom Tree,
Rs 4440; Suede Flowers From Local Store, price on request;

Blue Suede Chair from Sidewalks Of The World, Rs 49990; ON THE CHAIR Suede Distress Cushion Beige from Camouflage price on request; ON THE FLOOR Suede Distress Cushion Coffee from Camouflage, Rs 950; Nimbus Handloom Carpet from, Rs 6399; Lantern from Ash Studio,
price on request.

Written By: Nidhi Tiwari


19 January 2017


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