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Material magic: Warm woollens

The weather’s just right to steal those extra few minutes under warm woollies, and did we say, bask in that lone stream of sunlight? Create a snug, romantic corner that’s perfect for a lie-in or catching up on that book you have been meaning to read





Paintable W03301GZB75 Wallpaper from Nilaya by Asian Paints, Rs 3840







Stybuzz Faux Fur White Cushion from, Rs 599





Transfer Cushion Cotton from Abaca, Rs 1750



Maspar Stencil Blue Throw from, Rs 899


Pluchi Kierra Knitted Throw from, Rs 2599




Malibu Pouf from The Rug Republic, Rs 4899



Rattan Mini Cube Candle from Abaca, Rs 675 (Set of 3)






Costa Carpet from The Rug Republic, Rs 15990

Written By: Nidhi Tiwari


24 January 2017


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