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Top ten with Anjali Mody

A sneak peek into the world and work of design-a-holic, Anjali Mody

As the Founder and Creative Director of one of the country’s premier boutique design studios, Josmo, Anjali Mody provides interior design solutions through striking, bespoke furniture pieces. We caught up with her to know what keeps her ticking…

What does home mean to you?
Home for me, is a space that allows me to be calm and find my balance.

What was the last thing you picked up for your home?
A 65 inch television.

How would you describe your personal style?
Art Deco with a twist.

An interior trend you absolutely love?
Pastel colours - I'm obsessing over this right now.

A decor brand you swear by…
I really enjoy the selections of The House of Things and Oma.

Three things you turn to for a quick update if you have unexpected guests.
Tableware, towels and flowers

What will one find on your bedside table?
A porcelain box for my everyday jewellery, my iPad, and my Apple TV remote.

Décor stores/ names to look out for in the New Year?
Objectry and Nicobar.

What is your New Year resolution?
To create two collections this year that will redefine Josmo's design aesthetic.

A decor rule you live by?
The beauty is always in the details. Don't ignore them.


Written by: Pragnya Rao


13 January 2017


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