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Products we love: Freedom Tree

Get inspired by Freedom Tree's collection to create this vivid hued look for your home

Freedom Tree’s collections always have vivid hues and contemporary prints that make us want to buy their entire collection. The motifs are inspired by nature and the use of florescent yellow and black in the colour palette add a pop of colour . As the prints are visually heavy, the use of color blocks like the lime jug, black lamp, the dark toned side table and white ottoman balance each other out.







Apah  Table lamp : Rs 4000







Color pop Jug water : Rs 820







Crest drinking  glasses- set of 6 : Rs 1440







Deco photoframe : Rs 1300



Double happiness ottoman : Rs 17,200







Flora Tray : Rs 1500







Oil Jar mohuz ceramic Vase : Rs 360







Senhur cushion comfy 24 X 24: Rs 890







Slope Side table : Rs 18200







Wonder land comfy cushion  16 x 16 :  Rs 480



Wonderland upholstery fabric : Rs 800







Agartha Rug , 4.5 X 2.5 feet : Rs 2400


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