Products we love: Contemporary Arts and Crafts

There’s nothing more exciting when you pair a bunch of your favourite things to create a look that is a beautiful mix of old and the new

We paired shiny brass with bright pinks and teal to add a modern twist to the console setting. You can also opt for black-white kalamkari along with mother of pearl and juxtapose it with bright colours for an understated yet vibrant feel.




Jar with lid: Rs 7800








Lotus Candle stand (big): Rs 2050; Lotus Candle stand (small): Rs 1850




Wood bird: Rs 850




Brass Tea kettle: Rs 1700




Tapieze blue votive: Rs 760




Tea light holder: Rs 760




Mother of pearls box (pink): Rs 8200







Table lamp: Rs 8600






Kali god painting: Rs 6000




Gond painting: Rs 4250




Mirror: Rs 5880




Brass Pelican bird: Rs 3240


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