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Life in black and white

The most classic of all combinations, and not to mention the most striking too – choose from our list of accessories, and a chic hammock too!

In the Picture: Snug essential plain quilt - fabricated into swing by stylist, Rs 3999, from Urban ladder; White poly cotton fabric, Rs 150/mtr from Thakur, Bandra; Black and white bed sheet & pillow covers, Rs 1250, from Crawford market; Reindeer big, Rs 450, from Home Center; Reindeer small, Rs 200, from Cheap Jack;

 Stole, Rs 150; Photo frames, Rs 250 each; both, from local store; SF-Nina 101 cushion, Rs 1800; SF-INCRLK-102 cushion, Rs 1800; Outdoor cushion, Rs 2500; all from Abaca.


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