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Pair indigo with white, adding hints of silver to give your dining table a chic update

Pairing indigo with whites is a classic décor tip. The addition of a rich, cobalt blue uplifts the traditional indigo into the avatar we love. Hints of matte silver help transition the setting from a more informal brunch setting during the day to a more formal look for dinner-time. The result is a balanced look for your dining area.  




Set of 3 Acrylic water glass- 899.00




Silver Rope Candle- 299.00




Small Lotus T-light Holder- 299.00




Kochi Placemats- 699.00




14 PC Dinner Set- 499.00




Shalimar Tea cup & Saucer- 599.00




Textured blue Cushion Cover- 599.00




Circles grey- 599.00




Ombre White SIlver Placemats- 599.00



Shalimar Dinner Plate- 799.00

Shalimar Dessert Plate- 399.00

Shalimar Katori- 299.00




LH1631-S5-M4 SQ Snack Bowls S4- 799.00




Single Delphinium- 299.00




Ombre White Silver Runner- 599.00


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